Starfire Cigs Review

Summary: The Starfire Cigs are a great way to smoke as they are odorless and environment friendly. They do not leave any residue that the regular cigs leave behind. You can get them in several flavors.

Starfire Cigs happens to be a wonderful alternative to your traditional smoking. It does not produce any tar, messy ashes, or make clothes smelly. The secret lies in atomizing technology that offers a smoother and more trustworthy delivery. It satisfies you with each puff. It lets you exhale an odorless and environmentally friendly vapor. This feels and tastes just like your real cigarettes. Every start kit includes a PCC or personal charge case. This is designed to appear like the cigarette pack. PCC from Starfire Cigs conveniently charges your Starfire battery wherever you may go. It can carry nearly six flavored cartridges. It is available in black and white colors.

The two rechargeable batteries of Starfire Cigs are diamond tipped. They use long duration lithium ion technique. They are available as black with blue diamond tip and as white having red diamond tip. Every starter kit contains one free packet of 5 cartridges of your favorite flavor. These include premium tobacco, vanilla, coffee, menthol, cherry, appletini, peach, Turkish tobacco and watermelon flavors. It has nicotine strength that can be categorized into strong, medium or zero strength. Every starter kit also consists of both USB charger cords and standard 110v wall adaptors. You may charge Starfire Cigs using PCC or Personal Charger Case.


The PCC of Starfire Cigs uniquely doubles like both a battery charger and a carrying case. It may be charged by using the computer having USB port or standard wall outlets, or an optional car charge adaptor. If the battery gets depleted, the LED present at its diamond tip blinks intermittently for 30 times. If you want to charge the batteries open the PCC. Locate its output port present at the far right lowest slot. Just screw its battery firmly in place into its charging port present at its far right lowest slot of PCC. Do not apply force while doing this.

You must then press its operating buttons for nearly 3 seconds. When you want to change the batteries, you must secure its cartridge using one hand for unscrewing. Take out the fresh batteries from the PCC of your Starfire Cigs. You must re-attach it back to its cartridge. The cartridge fluid of Starfire Cigs is vegetable glycerin. It is free of propylene glycol and manufactured in the United States. As per individual use, every disposable cartridge may accommodate nearly 275 puffs. If you want to replace this cartridge, simply secure its battery using one hand. You must unscrew empty one.

You can store nearly six complete cartridges at a time. You need not worry about your cartridges getting completely over. Every completely charged PCC of Starfire Cigs can keep your batteries charged for nearly 10 times prior to it needing to get plugged in once again to get a recharge. Your Starfire Cigs PCC has all that you need at one place. Starfire Cigs cartridge fluid gives a rich flavor in every puff. It tastes, looks, and also feels just like the actual cigarette. A single cartridge is equal to nearly one packet of the actual cigarettes.

There are several flavors of StarFire Cigs. If you like the flavors of tobacco cigarette, then you can enjoy the full-bodied, rich flavors of Premium Tobacco. You can have pleasure with rich flavors of sun-cured Turkish Tobacco. It is accented using a light semi-sweet caramel undertone. Menthol lovers can get their scarf handy to be ready and bundle up to have an Arctic blast. You can experience the refreshing, cool feel of Menthol Ice. If vanilla ice cream is irresistible to you, you will love the sweet, heavenly, rich French Vanilla flavor. Every flavored cartridge has a fresh atomizer that gives a satisfying and rich vapor with each drag.

You can tempt your senses with mouth watering tastes of home manufactured cherry pie. Enjoy the delicious, sweet goodness of Cherry Blast. Appease your sweet teeth without calories. A full body texture, deep-tone aroma and mild earthy note of Gourmet Coffee makes it a favorite among coffee lovers. If you like green, fresh apples, you will like the tantalizing flavor of Appletini since it bursts with flavors. Just as you have refreshing watermelon during hot summer treat yourself with the mouthwatering flavor of Watermelon Splash. If you like having a bite of the succulent peach, satisfy your desire using Juicy Peach.

Apart from the distinct diamond tip over all Starfire Cigs, the PCC or Personal Carrying Cases are technologically enhanced packs. They consist of intelligent microchip which analyzes how much the Starfire Cigs battery has charged prior to charging it. In case the battery requires charging, your PCC shall begin charging it. It automatically stops charging once it detects whether the battery is completely charged. Such feature conserves power of the Starfire Cigs PCC. It helps in protecting your batteries’ lifespan by avoiding overcharging. This makes Starfire Cigs better as compared to the other brands of electronic cigarettes.

Additionally, every Starfire Cigs cartridge consists of an atomizer. This makes sure each “puff” delivers a reliable, satisfying and smooth vapor. The Starfire Cigs cartridge can never let you down. Starfire Cigs happens to be an environmentally friendly, satisfying and economical alternative to other traditional cigarettes. It is a premium electronic cigarette that is especially designed to exceed all your expectations and helps you by providing full enjoyment. The distinct diamond shaped tip of Starfire Cigs turns ruby red in case of a white version and blue in the case of a black version as you inhale a puff.

Due to this, it lets people around you understand that you are puffing an electronic cig. It happens to be nice way to aid lessen the concerns while smoking in regions where tobacco cigs are not permitted. Starfire Cigs cannot be called a traditional cig as it does not really “burn” anything. Hence, it does not leave the usual residue of a regular tobacco item. The odorless and environmentally friendly vapor produced by Starfire Cigs disappears within seconds. It may be smoked at several places where smoking tobacco is not permitted such as restaurants, arenas, bars, office buildings and planes.

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