Electronic Cigarette Vapor Contents: Know All About Them!

Summary: While it may be difficult for many to give up on their smoking habit, they would sure like to switch to a much cleaner and healthier alternative. Electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to traditional cigarette smoking because of the absence of certain harmful substances in the eliminated smoke.

The popularity of electronic cigarettes is gaining momentum as it provides a great alternative solution to traditional tobacco cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes have quite a resemblance to the normal cigarette except for the fact that it is operated by an electronic battery which is used to vaporize a liquid solution. Ecigs works similarly to a humidifier. A heating element eliminates the vapors from an ecig. Many people are curious about what the vapor eliminated from an ecig is made of. The misty vapor is composed of propylene glycol. This substance is a solution of glycerin which easily vaporizes and recreates the entire experience of smoking.

Electronic Cigarette Vapor Contents

Electronic cigarette vapor information:

The vapor eliminated from an ecig provides the smoker with the nicotine experience exactly like while smoking a traditional cigarette. However, the electronic cigarette protects the smoker from being exposed to the harmful chemicals released by a regular cigarette. The solution of glycerin used in an ecig is odorless as well as tasteless. The cartridges of an ecig have flavors ranging from minty to fruity. A regular tobacco flavor is also available. Apart from propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavor, an electronic cigarette also has water contents.

Propylene glycol is commonly used in foods in order to keep them moist. It is also used in cosmetics. This substance has antimicrobial properties. The glycerin in an ecig is added to give the vapors a thick appearance. Water makes the ecig solution easier to handle and it also imparts a certain thickness to the vapors eliminated out of it.


There is much speculation about the glycerin solution being safe and whether it affects the lungs by leaving residual harmful substances. Although, the concept of the electronic cigarettes is very new and there is lack of research that can give definitive answers. However, it is still safe to say that the electronic cigarettes are safer than smoking a traditional cigarette as they give you the same experience while protecting you from many a harmful side effects.

The liquid solution of glycerin used in an electronic cigarette doesn’t really burn and therefore there are no residual ashes. Since the solution and the resultant vapors are odorless, there is no smell that can give away a smoker. Electronic cigarettes are ideal in yet another aspect and that is of ‘passive smoking’. Since the vapor coming out of an electronic cigarette is not harmful, there is very little risk for passive smokers being harmed unnecessarily.

When the solution in an electronic cigarette runs out it needs to be refilled in order to continue using the ecig. This can be easily done at home. The cartridge of an electronic cigarette may last up to six refills. Thus, smoking an electronic cigarette is cost effective and beneficial for people who are looking forward to saving money from their smoking habits. In certain electronic cigarettes, the user has the choice of customizing the amount of nicotine they want. You may also choose to use an electronic cigarette with absolutely no nicotine contents.