E-Cigarettes Market – Review 2018

Ever since the Marlboro man cam smoking a cigarette, smoking has caught the fancy of young and old alike. It was an image that projected the strength and style of smoking. Years have passed and we are well aware of the hazards caused by smoking. Unfortunately it has become quiet hard to quit smoking.

Smoking is addictive and once you take up the habit it becomes hard to quit. Nicotine combined with thousands of deadly substances makes you want to have the much needed nicotine kick again and again. The danger associated with smoking is known but not a very great extent. Smoking triggers the cancer cells in the body causing different types of cancers such as lung cancer, colon, breast, prostate cancer etc. It is the number one promoter of cardiovascular diseases and causes stroke and other hormonal imbalance in women and growing children even if they are passive smokers.

Quit Smoking Happily

Electronic cigarettes have been in the horizon since last three years and the year 2018 has seen a tremendous growth in the E-Cigarette sector. E- Cigarettes also known as smokeless cigarette is a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes. It contains a battery powered aerosol, nicotine cartridge, LED light on the tip and looks and feels almost like natural cigarette. When the smoker inhales the cigarette the battery powered atomizer converts liquid nicotine to vapor which is emitted and gives a nicotine kick to the user and the LED light glows. The cartridge comes in different strengths like Strong, medium, low and nil. This helps the smoker who wants to quit smoking. The cartridge strength can be decreased slowly until the user quits smoking.

It is not the safest way but it is a healthier option than traditional cigarette. One must go through the manual carefully before using E-cigarettes and also remember that charging is essential before using it. Some manufactures send pre charged cigarettes but charging it completely increases the life of the cigarette. Also it is important to remember that nicotine cartridge should be screwed before charging the battery.

The growing popularity of E-Cigarettes shows its benefits. Results of the study of E-cigarette users have shown that around 5o% of the users involved in the study quit smoking gradually. It has been proven that E- Cigarettes actually work better than Lozenges, gums, patches, etc., since it provides near real simulation.

The increasing popularity of smokeless cigarettes has caught the eyes of big cigarette manufactures and they are already eyeing the market in a big way. Big companies will mostly join the run in the immediate future. The success of cigarettes is probably due to the fact that it actually allows the user to enjoy the experience of smoking the cigarette without the side effects of smoke caused.

Also the fact that celebrities are using E-cigarettes in a big way has caught the fancy of the public. Some of the big names like Leonardo Di Caprio, Johnny Depp, and Dennis Quaid, etc., are using E- Cigarettes. Also the fact that E-Cigarettes are completely legal and harmless to non-smokers near you is an added advantage of using the product. Using E- cigarette can be the first step to quit smoking by reducing the strength of nicotine intake and completely stopping it eventually. Quitting smoking has become much easier than before with the aid of E-Cigarette. 2018 was indeed very successful for the manufactures and the future definitely looks brighter for E- cigarette industry.

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