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Summary: Do you know that cigarettes are one of the officially recognized killers in the world? Studies prove that intake of cigarettes smoke reduces your life span by around 7 minutes. And no one can quit with just one cigarette a day. It can only go up, if it is coming down it means conscious effort from your side which is really great.

So, on an average if you smoke 10 cigarettes a day you lose 70 minutes of your life on earth which when multiplied comes to roughly around 25000minutes and year. Your life span is a reduced   by whopping 400 hours in a year. Now that sounds quiet scary right?

smoking kills

E-Cigarettes-A Healthier Option

Well the fact is that you need to be afraid of your life and those depended on you. Cigarette smoking causes many diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, strokes and oral health. It is the most prominent cause of cancer. The cancer is not just restricted to lungs but it also increases the chance of colon cancer, breast, prostrate, liver etc. Studies indicate that around 90% of patients suffering from heart related disease are smokers or passive smokers. Smoking attributes bad oral health wit bad breath, yellowing teeth, gum problems etc. it weakens the immune system paving welcome to a number of diseases. Nicotine intake in women lowers the hormone production which is the major reason for early arrival of menopause.

The health hazards of smoking are known to almost all the smoker, they genuinely want to quit the habit but they are not able to. So what is the alternative? E – Cigarette which has hit the market almost three years ago has proven to be quiet effective which is proven by its popularity. They are also known as smokeless cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. They look like real cigarettes and the also the texture feels like the original ones. E-Cigarettes have a battery, cartridge compartment, atomizer and a LED light on the tip. When a smoker inhales the atomizer powered by the battery converts a small amount of liquid nicotine into vapor. When the smoker inhales, the small LED tip attached to the cigarettes glows giving a feeling of the actual cigarette. It has an advantage that the nicotine high craved by the user can be satisfied in seconds thus giving the smoker a feeling that he has smoked the actual cigarette.

smoking kill you

The nicotine cartridges come in different power like strong, medium, Low and nil. This is aimed at smoker s who want lead a healthier lifestyle and quit smoking eventually. One can decrease the strength of the cartridges and in due course quit smoking .It also comes in different flavors such as regular, apple strawberry, etc.

Considering the fact that conventional cigarettes are quiet expensive, E –cigarettes prove to be much cheaper in the long run. Though the initial investment of the equipment is quiet high the longer the use the cheaper it becomes. One nicotine cartridge is equivalent to around 15-20 usual cigarettes. It is beneficial health wise and money wise.

The fact is that smokeless cigarettes is completely legal to be used anywhere. Since it does not produce any harmful fumes you need not carry the guilt of being a bearer of passive smoking. It can be used in any place and even in non-smoking zones like restaurants, aircraft’s, library, etc. But one must take into consideration the influence of the image you will pass on to young onlookers.

You should take into consideration that cheap imitations of the product are flooding the market which is quiet poor quality wise. Hence it is always better to invest in a quality product rather than cheap imitation. After all it is a question of your health.

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