Why Female Smokers Prefer Electronic Cigarettes?

Summary: Smoking is not restricted to only men. There are many women who love smoking but stand same health risks as other smokers. Electronic cigarettes help smokers to quit smoking addiction. Let us see why electronic cigarettes are a better option for women who are trying to say no to smoking.

The number of women who smoke cigarettes is increasing every day. However, the health hazards posed by conventional cigarettes to the smokers and the bystanders are not unknown. In case of women, cigarettes can be more harmful since she is the primary caretaker of the family at home. The working women have to undertake dual responsibility: work and family. Moreover, it is a woman who bears the child. The smoking habit of a woman can have direct implication on her own health and family, especially children. Hence electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative for females who want to quit smoking.

E-cigarettes brands for the women smokers

Many brands of electronic cigarettes are targeting female smokers these days. There are few who have even launched e-cigarettes with feminine designs, colours and names. An e-cig is battery operated form of tobacco and does not create any smoke or flame. It is a great option for women who are trying to quit cigarettes but still want to feel the nicotine in the air. Electronic cigarettes create the smoking sensation for the user without letting the person inhale the nicotine. Hence, electronic cigs can help the female smokers to satisfy their smoking pangs without impacting their family, work or health.

Active and passive smoking pose the highest risk to a pregnant woman and her unborn baby. The expecting woman are always advised by doctors to quit smoking to avoid health risks to her own body and the child inside her womb. Smoking can result in premature birth of the baby, still births and even affect the growth of unborn child. If you not pregnant but trying to conceive, it is equally good for you to give up smoking. Since the electronic cigarettes do not create any smoke, it is comparatively a better alternative than the traditional cigarettes for the ladies.

Many marital discords happen due to smoking habit of one or both partners. Smoking not only causes bad breath but also reduces the sexual appetite of a woman. She may feel weak and not able to give sexual satisfaction to her spouse. The electronic cigs can help a woman to enjoy her smoking without affecting her sexual desires and marital bliss. A female smoker can also keep her children safe from passive smoking hazards, especially at home.  She can concentrate on her work also as she need not worry about creating an unpleasant environment since electronic cigarettes are smoke free.

Smoking related fire accidents are on a sharp rise, especially at homes and offices. A woman smoker can help to prevent these accidents by using inflammable e-cigs. Since the health dangers caused by electronic cigs are very less compared to the traditional cigarettes, you do not have to seek higher medical insurance coverage for you or your family. Moreover, vapour cigs are cheaper and absolutely safer than the combustible cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes can keep a female smoker health and happy, both physically and mentally.  And she is in a better position to look after her personal health, career or family.