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A person must be years old to purchase or to smoke cigarettes including any tobacco products as is indicated in Public Health Restrictions on Tobacco Products Regulations , Sec. e i . It is illegal to sell or supply tobacco to a minor. No minimum age prior to ..

  • Smoking Age Wikipedia

    The minimum age to smoke in public is and authorities have the duty to seize any tobacco or cigarette papers in the possession of any person apparently under the age of . [] Minimum age to purchase was to ..

  • Raising The Tobacco Age To Campaign For Tobacco Free Kids

    Raising the Tobacco Age to Research shows that kids often turn to older friends and classmates as sources of cigarettes. Increasing the tobacco age to would reduce the likelihood that a high school student will be able to legally purchase tobacco products for other students and underage friends..

  • Oregon Raises Cigarette Buying Age To Washington Post

    Oregon has become the fifth state to raise the legal age to buy cigarettes to . Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, signed the bill into law early this month. It bars the sale of tobacco products to people younger than , effective Jan. , . Hawaii and California were the first two states to pass such a law..

  • New York Raises Minimum Age To Buy Cigarettes To Ctv News

    NEW YORK AFP New York raised the minimum age to buy cigarettes to on Sunday, in its latest initiative to encourage healthier behavior among residents..

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