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Nat Sherman, the pleasure of smoking a cigar with real class

Those who enjoy the great pleasure of smoking, to meet colleagues and friends to discuss sophisticated issues, who enjoy an almost religious experience to take a cigar to the mouth, are those who truly know what it is to live life to the fullest, the pleasure of To feel a god among men. Every good smoker that is respected meets Nat Sherman, a well-known tobacconist, a place where you can find exquisite quality cigars, cigarettes and all kinds of tobacco items.

Its foundation took place at the beginning of a decade in extreme difficulty, not only for the United States, but for the whole world; That is to say in the times of the Great Depression and at the gates of the Second World War. The specific year, 1930. Returning to the present, Nat Sherman places on his table a couple of interesting proposals:

On the one hand, we have the Herf & Turf experience, a perfect symbiosis of efforts between the tobacco company and another great New York institution, the American progressive cuisine restaurant of famed chef ‘Charlie Palmer’. The adventure begins with a pleasant tasting of cigars in the private club of Nat Sherman’s central store, called ‘The Johnson Club Room’, an intimate and private space only for exclusive partners.

Then, the celebration continues with a three-course dinner to choose from and a harmonious selection of vintage wines, all under the roof of the famous ‘Aureole Bar Room’, within the aforementioned restaurant. The overall goal of the experience is to show the true essence of the Big Apple and offer an unforgettable night to people looking to enjoy the best of the city that never sleeps. It should be noted that the attractive package is offered only for group assistance.

Then, Nat Sherman invites us to know one of its finest collections of cigars, timeless. In each cigar we can see an emblem that makes reference to the classic phrase “All time past was better”; In addition, each specimen has an elegant form of cask. The inspiration for the creation of this impressive collection was born from the comments and suggestions of the brand’s own consumers and retailers. For its manufacture, they took into account the taste, the packaging and the price suggested by them, being 200 of the finest palates of the industry those responsible for participating in the process of creation.


nat sherman

You can choose between four different classes: Churchill (17.78 cm long), #2 (15.88 cm long), beautiful (13.34 cm long) and #5 (9.53 cm long). Each cigar is processed by hand in the Dominican Republic and its packaging comes from Honduran lands. The total per box is 20 units.

If on your next business trip or pleasure you plan to visit the Big Apple, then you should stop at Nat Sherman and try the two options listed here. Believe me, he’ll enjoy it and come back for more, I guarantee it.