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Summary: The cough is not coming down and the lungs have started aching when you cough. You know the reality that anymore of smoking can kill you but no matter how hard you try you are not able to quit the habit. There is an absolutely new invention that can help you out, E- cigarettes.

E- Cigarettes also known as electronic cigarettes or smokeless cigarettes and have been in the horizon for almost three years. It has made amazing inroads in the industry and has relived many chronic smokers off their smoking habits.

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Let us now ponder upon the health issues caused by smoking cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes are made of tobacco containing nicotine, paper, glue and thousands of deadly substances which can kill you gradually. Studies show that you are reducing 7 minutes of your life span when you smoke one cigarette. That counts to around 25000 minutes in a whole year, 400 hours per year. Now imagine that hours should have been spending happily with your family. There is always misconception among the youth that smoking cigarettes will help you by not gaining weight. What it actually does is that it deteriorates your immune system and relatively weight comes down which is not at all healthy. What is the benefit of being skinny and not able to enjoy life because of the health issues caused by cigarettes?

statia5Cigarette is the number one cause of cancer. It is not only the lungs which is affected but it acts as a trigger for different types of cancer such as breast cancer, prostrate, liver and many other tumor related diseases. Studies have proven that it is the one of the biggest causes for cardiovascular diseases by causing the fat to be deposited in the valves leading to the heart and the rate of stroke is much higher in persons consuming cigarette smoke than a non-smoker. Smoking cigarettes produce soot like substance which is deposited on the lungs. Not only that a smoker cause health concerns to passive smokers, especially children whose immune systems have not developed fully.

E- Cigarette has received a lot of attention in the recent years due to the fact that it is healthier than the traditional cigarettes. It is made to look and feel like original cigarettes. It has a battery operated atomizer, a nicotine chamber, LED glow light at the tip and body that has texture and feel like the regular cigarette. When the user draw in the cigarette the battery operated vaporizer starts working and converts the liquid nicotine in the chamber to spray which looks like original fumes and the nicotine kick is administrated to the smoker immediately. Also the nicotine chamber comes in different strengths starting with strong and gradually decreasing to medium, low and finally nil. So a hard core smoker who wants to quit can start with strong and gradually decrease to nil. Also the one nicotine chamber is almost equivalent to 15 to 20 normal cigarettes. Therefore having E-cigarettes is comparatively better than normal cigarettes financially and health wise in the long run. Also nicotine chamber comes in different flavors enhancing the smoking experience. It is proven that e-cigarettes are better substitute than using nicotine patches, gums and lozenges for the wannabe quitter sine the simulation provided is almost similar to the original ones.

Also the fact that most of the celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio, Johnny Depp etc have turned to E- Cigarettes have left a strong image in the minds of public. Combined with the fact that it is completely legal to use in any area which restricts smoking makes it a winning formula.

A Review on South Beach Smoke

sbs_deluxe_starter_kitLet us now look at South Beach Smoke Cigarettes which is one of the biggest players in the field. The reviews have always been above average and lots of testimonials offer the proof of satisfaction among customers. It comes in two packets, the standard deluxe supermax ecig comes with 2.5 inches battery, one high capacity lithium ion and deluxe supermax ecig with 3.5 inches battery, lithium ion with high capacity, large atomizers or nicotine cartridges which is five in numbers, 1 year replacement warranty and 30 days money back policy, owner’s manual and Ac wall charger. Also you can customize you packet with the nicotine level you can choose and the flavor of nicotine you wish to have. The cartridges are well sealed and have end cap to prevent leaking. The packaging is smart and glossy making a gorgeous gift. The flap is magnetic and gives a trendy look. There is small hiccup in terms of the small noise made by the cartridge and it does not have USB Charger. The advantage overcomes the hitch which is really great.

The delivery is very prompt which makes it a natural choice with the customers. Once the order is placed with your credit or debit card, you can be assured that the product will reach you within 5 to 6 days even though the delivery attracts shipping charges. But becoming a member frees you from this cost in addition to lots of benefits.

Becoming a member of south beach smoke give you the benefit of life time warranty on the products. The discount offered on cartridge refill is also pretty great, almost 20 % every time you order from the home delivery department of the company. Also the members can enjoy the benefit of getting the cartridge delivered at your home in a very short time.

sbs batteriesThe battery enjoys a long life and is receptive when compared to other E- cigarettes. The battery operates at higher temperature than other models and hence the quality of fumes produced is also better, thus enhancing the smoking experience. The batteries are light and the width is also sleeker making it usable for period of three to four hours at a stretch. The LED light attached at the tip glows automatically and the battery starts the atomizer almost immediately when the user inhales the cigarette.


South Beach smoke has almost 10 different varieties of flavors in their cartridges. The cartridge offers around 300 to 400 puffs since the battery life is quiet long without having to face the hassle of recharge. The flavors are also unique and different. Some of the most popular flavors are tobacco, menthol, peach, etc.

The batteries have improved and so have the smoking experience. The quality of the vapor produced is excellent which tastes good and the flavor is also extremely brilliant leaving you fully satisfied. Unlike other E-Cigarettes the smoke is really smooth and thick just like the traditional cigarettes. Neither it is overwhelming as if a fire has broken out. It leaves you satisfied without leaving you with any irritating sensation which is a common after effect after inhaling the traditional cigarette. Altogether it is a satisfying experience to resort to South Beach Smoke.