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Nat Sherman, the pleasure of smoking a cigar with real class

Those who enjoy the great pleasure of smoking, to meet colleagues and friends to discuss sophisticated issues, who enjoy an almost religious experience to take a cigar to the mouth, are those who truly know what it is to live life to the fullest, the pleasure of To feel a god among men. Every good smoker that is respected meets Nat Sherman, a well-known tobacconist, a place where you can find exquisite quality cigars, cigarettes and all kinds of tobacco items.

Its foundation took place at the beginning of a decade in extreme difficulty, not only for the United States, but for the whole world; That is to say in the times of the Great Depression and at the gates of the Second World War. The specific year, 1930. Returning to the present, Nat Sherman places on his table a couple of interesting proposals:

On the one hand, we have the Herf & Turf experience, a perfect symbiosis of efforts between the tobacco company and another great New York institution, the American progressive cuisine restaurant of famed chef ‘Charlie Palmer’. The adventure begins with a pleasant tasting of cigars in the private club of Nat Sherman’s central store, called ‘The Johnson Club Room’, an intimate and private space only for exclusive partners.

Then, the celebration continues with a three-course dinner to choose from and a harmonious selection of vintage wines, all under the roof of the famous ‘Aureole Bar Room’, within the aforementioned restaurant. The overall goal of the experience is to show the true essence of the Big Apple and offer an unforgettable night to people looking to enjoy the best of the city that never sleeps. It should be noted that the attractive package is offered only for group assistance.

Then, Nat Sherman invites us to know one of its finest collections of cigars, timeless. In each cigar we can see an emblem that makes reference to the classic phrase “All time past was better”; In addition, each specimen has an elegant form of cask. The inspiration for the creation of this impressive collection was born from the comments and suggestions of the brand’s own consumers and retailers. For its manufacture, they took into account the taste, the packaging and the price suggested by them, being 200 of the finest palates of the industry those responsible for participating in the process of creation.


nat sherman

You can choose between four different classes: Churchill (17.78 cm long), #2 (15.88 cm long), beautiful (13.34 cm long) and #5 (9.53 cm long). Each cigar is processed by hand in the Dominican Republic and its packaging comes from Honduran lands. The total per box is 20 units.

If on your next business trip or pleasure you plan to visit the Big Apple, then you should stop at Nat Sherman and try the two options listed here. Believe me, he’ll enjoy it and come back for more, I guarantee it.

Quit Smoking Now Using E Cigs

Summary: Every time a character smokes cigarette on screen, the warning: “Cigarette smoking is injurious to health”, is flashed. It is not just a warning; it is an alarm for saving your life. Every year millions of people die due to health hazards caused due to smoking related diseases.

So why is exactly cigarette smoking dangerous? Cigarette contains a large number of additives, nicotine, tobacco, paper and glue which holds it together. When lighted and smoked it causes harm to almost all the organs in the body and is cause for respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases, including cancer.

cigarette smoking dangerous your health

E-Cigarette -A Healthier Option

When you light a cigarette and smoke carbon dioxide and nicotine which are being consumed increase your heart rate and blood pressure for a short term which causes damage to your heart and blood vessels. The absorption of oxygen to muscles, brain and body tissue is reduced which makes the organ to work harder and in the long run it is very detrimental to the health. The tar produced when smoking the cigarette coats the lungs like soot and it leads to cancer. Also, studies show that cigarette smokers have far more chance of experiencing stroke than non-smokers. It also causes fat to be deposited in the blood vessels causing heart.

Saying this and reading is pretty easy but the difficult part is quitting the habit. The additive in the cigarettes makes it really hard to quit over the habit. Nicotine is the ingredient which makes you addicted to the cigarette. Also when you see the images of people smoking, being in a group who smokes cigarette makes you want to get a puff.

the dangers of smoking

So what is the solution? Electronic cigarette is the modern world answer to cigarette addiction. E-Cigarette is a healthier option for hard core smokers who are not able to give up the habit even after numerous attempts. It helps in rescuing the number of cigarette intake in a day an eventually quit the habit altogether. Electronic cigarettes have become much more user friendly than the earlier versions. It does not contain any of the harmful substance of tobacco but gives a taste of tobacco when in use, allowing the users to satisfy their craving without inhaling any of the hazardous toxins. E-Cigarettes are designed in such a way that it has a battery, vaporizer and renewable nicotine compartment which makes it look so natural to see and use like conventional cigarettes. It also creates smoke like vapor and glow at the end that makes it feel like conventional cigarettes when the users draw the smoke. The nicotine chamber can be customized to use different cartridges of different nicotine strengths allowing the user to reduce the intake until he is ready to give up smoking completely.

The nicotine cartridge usually lasts up to the same time as consuming 15-20 conventional cigarettes, which actually is more economical than buying cigarettes. The strengths of the nicotine cartridge can be classified as standard, medium, low and no nicotine.

One does not have to be guilty about being the cause of passive smoking since e-cigarettes are perfectly safe to smoke in public. The fumes emitted are absolutely safe and do not cause any health hazards to those around the smoker. It has an added advantage that the smokers do not have to freeze themselves to death to have a cigarette in the winter season because they can smoke E-Cigarettes inside. Shift to e-Cigarettes to beat the habit and finally quit the habit.

Why Female Smokers Prefer Electronic Cigarettes?

Summary: Smoking is not restricted to only men. There are many women who love smoking but stand same health risks as other smokers. Electronic cigarettes help smokers to quit smoking addiction. Let us see why electronic cigarettes are a better option for women who are trying to say no to smoking.

The number of women who smoke cigarettes is increasing every day. However, the health hazards posed by conventional cigarettes to the smokers and the bystanders are not unknown. In case of women, cigarettes can be more harmful since she is the primary caretaker of the family at home. The working women have to undertake dual responsibility: work and family. Moreover, it is a woman who bears the child. The smoking habit of a woman can have direct implication on her own health and family, especially children. Hence electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative for females who want to quit smoking.

E-cigarettes brands for the women smokers

Many brands of electronic cigarettes are targeting female smokers these days. There are few who have even launched e-cigarettes with feminine designs, colours and names. An e-cig is battery operated form of tobacco and does not create any smoke or flame. It is a great option for women who are trying to quit cigarettes but still want to feel the nicotine in the air. Electronic cigarettes create the smoking sensation for the user without letting the person inhale the nicotine. Hence, electronic cigs can help the female smokers to satisfy their smoking pangs without impacting their family, work or health.

Active and passive smoking pose the highest risk to a pregnant woman and her unborn baby. The expecting woman are always advised by doctors to quit smoking to avoid health risks to her own body and the child inside her womb. Smoking can result in premature birth of the baby, still births and even affect the growth of unborn child. If you not pregnant but trying to conceive, it is equally good for you to give up smoking. Since the electronic cigarettes do not create any smoke, it is comparatively a better alternative than the traditional cigarettes for the ladies.

Many marital discords happen due to smoking habit of one or both partners. Smoking not only causes bad breath but also reduces the sexual appetite of a woman. She may feel weak and not able to give sexual satisfaction to her spouse. The electronic cigs can help a woman to enjoy her smoking without affecting her sexual desires and marital bliss. A female smoker can also keep her children safe from passive smoking hazards, especially at home.  She can concentrate on her work also as she need not worry about creating an unpleasant environment since electronic cigarettes are smoke free.

Smoking related fire accidents are on a sharp rise, especially at homes and offices. A woman smoker can help to prevent these accidents by using inflammable e-cigs. Since the health dangers caused by electronic cigs are very less compared to the traditional cigarettes, you do not have to seek higher medical insurance coverage for you or your family. Moreover, vapour cigs are cheaper and absolutely safer than the combustible cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes can keep a female smoker health and happy, both physically and mentally.  And she is in a better position to look after her personal health, career or family.

Smoking Kills – Quit Now

Summary: Do you know that cigarettes are one of the officially recognized killers in the world? Studies prove that intake of cigarettes smoke reduces your life span by around 7 minutes. And no one can quit with just one cigarette a day. It can only go up, if it is coming down it means conscious effort from your side which is really great.

So, on an average if you smoke 10 cigarettes a day you lose 70 minutes of your life on earth which when multiplied comes to roughly around 25000minutes and year. Your life span is a reduced   by whopping 400 hours in a year. Now that sounds quiet scary right?

smoking kills

E-Cigarettes-A Healthier Option

Well the fact is that you need to be afraid of your life and those depended on you. Cigarette smoking causes many diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, strokes and oral health. It is the most prominent cause of cancer. The cancer is not just restricted to lungs but it also increases the chance of colon cancer, breast, prostrate, liver etc. Studies indicate that around 90% of patients suffering from heart related disease are smokers or passive smokers. Smoking attributes bad oral health wit bad breath, yellowing teeth, gum problems etc. it weakens the immune system paving welcome to a number of diseases. Nicotine intake in women lowers the hormone production which is the major reason for early arrival of menopause.

The health hazards of smoking are known to almost all the smoker, they genuinely want to quit the habit but they are not able to. So what is the alternative? E – Cigarette which has hit the market almost three years ago has proven to be quiet effective which is proven by its popularity. They are also known as smokeless cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. They look like real cigarettes and the also the texture feels like the original ones. E-Cigarettes have a battery, cartridge compartment, atomizer and a LED light on the tip. When a smoker inhales the atomizer powered by the battery converts a small amount of liquid nicotine into vapor. When the smoker inhales, the small LED tip attached to the cigarettes glows giving a feeling of the actual cigarette. It has an advantage that the nicotine high craved by the user can be satisfied in seconds thus giving the smoker a feeling that he has smoked the actual cigarette.

smoking kill you

The nicotine cartridges come in different power like strong, medium, Low and nil. This is aimed at smoker s who want lead a healthier lifestyle and quit smoking eventually. One can decrease the strength of the cartridges and in due course quit smoking .It also comes in different flavors such as regular, apple strawberry, etc.

Considering the fact that conventional cigarettes are quiet expensive, E –cigarettes prove to be much cheaper in the long run. Though the initial investment of the equipment is quiet high the longer the use the cheaper it becomes. One nicotine cartridge is equivalent to around 15-20 usual cigarettes. It is beneficial health wise and money wise.

The fact is that smokeless cigarettes is completely legal to be used anywhere. Since it does not produce any harmful fumes you need not carry the guilt of being a bearer of passive smoking. It can be used in any place and even in non-smoking zones like restaurants, aircraft’s, library, etc. But one must take into consideration the influence of the image you will pass on to young onlookers.

You should take into consideration that cheap imitations of the product are flooding the market which is quiet poor quality wise. Hence it is always better to invest in a quality product rather than cheap imitation. After all it is a question of your health.